Delivery is one of the most important procedures in the shed industry and we want it done right!

We want you to be totally satisfied with the whole process.... 

Free Site-Check

In most cases if you have a gate/opening in your yard wider then the building itself,  we should be able to deliver the building with no issues at all.

   But sometimes there is need to send out an experienced shed expert to walk the property with you.

   A trained eye will help you find the perfect location and give you all the  delivery options, and maybe even help you decide what size building would be best for your particular situation.  

   We understand the room required for a truck & trailer, and we can help check for low wires, tree limbs, branches, etc.

   Note: We can only commit to a free consultation visit up to 100 miles, but the experience will be extremely valuable to your project’s success.

Move Jobs

Need a building moved?
"Just text a picture of your shed to
478-273-0049 and tell us where your located and how far you want it moved" 
THAT'S IT! Soon as we get that information we will give you a quote...
It's so simple its almost stupid!